Ulrike's team at SunDisc 2016

SunDisc Sardinia 2016

SunDisc 2016

Playa and weather at Sundisc 2016

On the weekend of 9/10 April, 2 FlyHigh, Ulrike and Julien, participated to a small HAT tournament on a lovely (albeit windy) beach in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia.

As is common for HAT tournaments, the closer you get to the tournament site, the more players you start to meet  – they can either be identified by their sticker-decorated Nalgene bottles, their plastic sunglasses or (dead give-away) a disc dangling from their backpack.

After a sticker-aided hunt for your teammates during the welcome party (each team had a distinctive sticker as identifier), Saturday morning started sunny, yet windy. The games were great fun, even though the points were long and exhausting. The fact that many games ended very close, or more often than not on a Universe point, showed that the organizer did a great job of mixing the teams – by the way, the participants were a fun shake of Italian, British and German players with some additional international flavors added to the mix.

The wine-race at the beach as usual went to the most creative participants – but the option of winning a wild-card for the final was well used by my teammates – yeah Lindsay and Mike!

The fun and easygoing vibe translated to the dinner and party, which included the usual limbo session, massage chains and crazy dancing accompanied by big smiles and various stages and forms of sunburn (Julien was a big contender for “fanciest sunburn”).

Julien's team at SunDisc 2016
Julien’s team at SunDisc 2016

The games continued on Sunday under a sunny sky – but the wind remained a big participant in the games, leading to an interesting final (no FlyHigh participation there, since Valerie was missing).

High five to the Sundisc organizers for putting together such a fun tournament and a recommendation to the new and old FlyHigh players to have a look at this tournament next year.